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This page is designed to provide useful information about FACT based on constituents' feedback and specific questions submitted from our Ask FACT on-line form. If you are unable to locate an answer to your specific question, please submit your question via Ask FACT for a personalized response.

The summaries below describe the information that can be located in each of the sections.

Accreditation: This section provides information about how organizations can apply for and maintain accreditation as well as where specific accreditation materials can be located.
Standards: This category contains basic options for accessing FACT's Standards and Manuals along with recommendations for how to meet specific standards based on questions submitted from Ask FACT.
Inspectors: Information for constituents interested in inspector requirements and gaining access to inspector benefits.
Webinars and Workshops: Find information about how to register for upcoming educational opportunities.
FACTWeb: This section contains helpful tips about how to navigate through FACTWeb, FACT's new on-line accreditation portal.

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FACT Consulting

Accreditation Success Story

Hoxworth Blood Center Apheresis Collection Facility and its Cellular Therapies Division have been accredited by FACT since 2003. The program values their FACT accreditation and the impact it has had on their program’s continuous quality improvement objectives. Read more